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Vertical_3D_coverLet’s face it, if you’re in business for yourself–a speaker or trainer, coach or consultant or if you realize the great need for large quantities of fantastic content fast–then you need to know how to speed write. Periodically I’m going to share with you my “Real Fast Writing Tips.”

Today’s Real Fast Writing Tip – Record and Transcribe

The record and transcribe strategy is one of my favorites… probably the reason it’s number one!  This strategy is great for people who are good speakers.

The idea is to record a conversation about your topic, then have the conversation transcribed.  Once it’s transcribed you then edit and polish the content into something usable.

Follow the Steps

  1. It’s easier to get great content from this strategy if you start with writing 10 questions about your topic as a guide. These questions can come from frequently asked customer or client questions.  Or they can come from your experiences. But, as you think of questions, remember that it is easier to go from general to specific in your topic.  Also, think about what questions would- the answers to– develop the most robust content.
  2. If possible, have a colleague or friend interview you using the 10 questions as a guide. Encourage your interviewer to ask probing follow up questions and tell them to follow up on anything they don’t understand.
  3. For your part, strive to give the most detailed and thorough answers you can. Be mindful to explain your answers as you would to someone who has no knowledge of your content.
  4. Record this interaction as an MP3. I like the free recording software called Audacity if you don’t already have a recorder on your machine.
  5. Have the MP3 transcribed using one of the transcription services. Transcription services are generally reasonably priced. I’ve listed a few of my favorites in the resources, or you could simply Google “Transcription Services”.
  6. Finally, edit and polish the transcription. I find, that for me, an hour of conversation yields about 20 typed pages of content.  Your yield will depend on how fast (or slow) you speak.

(Excerpted from Real Fast Writing: Online Video Tutorial Addition)

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