Why I’m a Proud Papa

I’m proud of my son Anthony and I tell you this story only because it may help your college student, someone who needs to generate a little cash or even you personally.

My son Anthony and I grew up together in many ways. I had him when I was 21 years old and now he is 22. Anthony was the happy product of my first marriage which ended unfortunately when Anthony was one year old.

Through the early years I was chronically broke and thoroughly uneducated. Then eventually, with a little luck, lots of hard work and some good advice I was able to finish college and then law school. Although it was difficult I was able to establish Anthony a Florida College Prepaid account. Basically, I paid $36 per month for 15 years and when Anthony graduated high school he had four years available to him at any Florida state college into which he could gain entrance.

Anthony graduates with an Associates of Art degree!

Anthony graduates with an Associates of Art degree!

Thus, when Anthony graduated high school he moved back to Florida to attend college. (Anthony had been living with me in Texas since he was in the second grade.) At the time his mother was doing quite well as a real estate agent during the Florida boom and the plan was he was going to live with her while he went to school. Everything rolled along swimmingly and Anthony breezed through the first two years earning an Associate of Arts degree from Valencia
Community College.

As he was starting as a transfer student at the University of Central Florida the bubble burst. His mother, who truly is a loving and supportive woman, fell on very hard times which directly affected Anthony. Although I asked Anthony to come back to Texas and finish his degree he decided to stay in Florida and help his mother. He was also determined to finish his degree at UCF.

Of course, the primary problem was money. Although Anthony had taken and passed both his real estate and mortgage broker licenses as a college student they were essentially worthless in the Florida post-boom economy. Thus, Anthony got a job (which he was lucky to get) that provided 20 minimum-wage hours a week. Obviously, he did not earn the kind of money he needed to survive much less thrive so he asked me for help which I gave to him. Essentially, Anthony wanted to know how I made so much money with my online businesses and, of course, how he could duplicate my success.

I started him off with one of the most important aspects of the business: copywriting. I coached him through some of my own projects and when I thought he was ready I referred him to some of my clients. It was in this process that Anthony learned of the great demand for transcriptionists as well as copywriters.

He began to take on more and more transcription work and within a very short period of time he was earning enough part-time to really make a difference. When he told me how he was getting clients and how much he was earning I encouraged him to make an information product detailing the process. To my delight (and with my technical help) he did and he wrote the sales letter too.

So I’d like to introduce you to Anthony’s first information product, “Transcription Jobs: Discover How To Make Up To $100 Per Day Just By Typing” You can check out the sales page at here If you know someone who could benefit from this type of part-time gig you may consider picking it up (you can also see how we created this product in under two hours complete).

So do you see why I’m so proud of Anthony?

He had some knocks… the Florida economy is still fragile and anemic… but he keeps on truckin’. He’s back on the college track and he continues to learn copywriting, etc.

I love to see when a young person is proving their mettle especially when that young person is my son.

Note: As I finished writing the above sentence, I called Anthony to tell him that I was going to publish this article on my blog. He immediately said “sounds great, thanks, but don’t forget to tell your folks that I am open for business should they need copywriting or transcription work.” I heard this, smiled ear-to-ear and thought “that’s my boy!”

So if you are in need of copywriting work like sales pages, auto-responder sequences, articles or the like Anthony is your man. Further, if you have audio interviews or teleseminar mp3’s that you’d like to transcribe for inclusion in your books, websites, or other products Anthony will do a good job at a fair price.

If you’re interested in any of Anthony’s services email him directly at anthonyhallm@hotmail.com

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4 comments on “Why I’m a Proud Papa
  1. Yes, I can see why you’re a proud papa. He clearly has the entrepreneurial gene.

    Long before I got into marketing copywriting and consulting, I started my business as a typing service. In the early days of my business, when I was not much older than Anthony is now, I learned some important lessons about win-win partnerships, referrals and JVs, when I discovered that I didn’t like transcription and other typing service owners didn’t like writing resumes (which I loved then and still enjoy). The cross-referrals worked out very nicely indeed, and I’ve carried that principle into a much higher level with the current incarnation of my business.

    Shel Horowitz, award-winning author of Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First snd five other marketing books


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  2. Daniel, I know your son makes you want to pop the buttons off your shirt. You definitely ought to be proud of him like you are.

    To share you joy, I took the liberty to “spread the word” to my connections on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ernest.odell?ref=profile and on several other venues.

    I hope he finds as much fulfillment in copywriting and transcription as you, Dr. Joe Vitale, and myself.

    Congratulations Anthony!

    Ernest O’Dell – Author
    Guerrilla Internet Marketing


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  3. Moira Sutton says:

    Hi Daniel,
    What a wonderful picture of you, the proud papa and your delightful son, Anthony.
    Thank you for sharing your personal story about your son and inspiring others to always reach for their true brilliance in all that they do in life.

    A lot of us have been in hard times where we have the choice to reframe these as opportunities versus problems and blocks. Congrats!

    I will also keep Antony’s contact information on hand to refer people to his talents!


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  4. Gina Parris says:

    Hooray for Anthony! I totally recommend him, and we are about to release The Romance Rescue.

    You should be proud Daniel! I love that boy of yours, and he is as conscientious as he is professional and delightful.

    So, can I send my son to be trained by you?


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