Trade Show Speaking: Is it Right For You? Interview with Tim Noonan

I sat down with 15-veteran trade show speaker Timothy Noonan to discuss trade show speaking as a full-time career or as a sideline gig. Tim revealed a bunch about working within the trade show industry and even parlaying your trade show speaking bookings into other revenue generating opportunities.

What I found remarkable is just how low-competition getting a trade show speaking job is primarily because very few people actually know the process for getting hired. Check out this video; I think it will help you determine whether trade show presenting or becoming a trade show presenter is right for you.

If it is something something you want to explore further make sure to click the link below the video which will take you to information about Tim and I’s new training called “Real Fast Trade Show Speaking”

You are invited: Tim and I doing a webinar tonight (3/21/2012) called “Trade Show Speaking: Capitalizing on a Hidden Market” – You can register for that right here.

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