Thrive Don’t Just Survive

Get 3 Hours of Free Coaching With Me – Watch The Video Interview With Ali Bierman To Find Out How

Here’s What You Do

Step 1. Go to Ali’s crowdfund here –
Step 2. Choose your level of support.

Remember that everyone who contributes at the $10 or $30 level will also get in addition to Ali’s listed incentives my Effective Time Savers training that reveals 17 of my productivity and time management hacks.

Everyone who contributes at the $100 level will also get in addition to the Effective Time Savers videos my How To Make Your Kindle Book a Bestseller program which has a value of $97.

And for those people who contribute $250 you’ll get everything mentioned above PLUS 1-HOUR OF COACHING with me. This is a super rare offering so if you need help in your business let me apply brain to it and let’s turbo-charge your profits. BTW if you need a sales letter written I can usually dictate that in a 1 hour session which you can record and have transcribed. But you can use the one hour for anything you wish.

For those folks who can wisely contribute at the $500 level you get not only all of Ali’s great incentives and Effective Time Savers videos and Kindle Bestseller program but also GET 3-HOURS OF COACHING WITH ME! I’ve never made an offer like that before (and likely will never do it again). So if you want me to do a deep-dive to help tune up your business – or dictate some heavy-duty copy for you. Then I strongly encourage you to contribute at the $500 level.

By the way, the 1 hour and 3 hour coaching opportunities can be split into half-hour segments.

Step 3. Once you’ve made your contribution copy and paste the receipt into a ticket at my customer support site:  and we will send you your bonuses and you can also arrange your coaching time with me.

As I hope is obvious to you, I really believe in the work that Ali is doing to help all kinds of people who have and continue to endure great trauma and hurt in their lives… not only to help these people survive but thrive! Help them to become something better than they were before.

Time is of the essence as this campaign will be ending soon as will my bonuses so act now and let’s help make Ali’s audiobook a smash hit!

Thanks for reading (and watching)… regardless of what you decide to do just know that you are blessed and I am grateful for you.


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