Get New Special Reports FREE – You Just Have To Help Out Other Community Members

A couple of weeks ago I did my “Ask Daniel Anything” (ADA) coaching. It’s a group coaching that I do from time to time to help you with your most pressing questions (its posted on YouTube here).

During that ADA coaching I featured two members of the community: Anne Buchanan and Dr. Jasmin Christensen.

I did this for a couple of reasons.

First, I want to more consistently help, feature and hold up as examples community members who are actually taking action on what they are learning and are succeeding despite set-backs and obstacles. Second, I want you to understand that I’d like to perhaps feature you in upcoming ADA’s (more on that below). Third, I wanted to give you the opportunity to get two new recently published special reports FREE that I will soon be selling for $27 each. They are…

5 Ways To Turn a $7 Report Into A $197 Order

How To Find The Best Blogs For Guest Posts

Here’s the story…

To get 5 Ways To Turn a $7 Report Into a $197 Order all you have to do is go an get Anne Buchanan’s audiobook called “The Power of God’s Word for Healing” (click here) only $14.97 and copy and paste your receipt into a ticket at the support site (here).

Now you may be wondering why specifically I am supporting Anne’s audiobook like this. Primarily it is because Anne went through a bunch a hassle, frustration and effort to get the audiobook out; she persevered, she kept going when she wanted to give up, she reached out to me and others in the Real Fast Audiobook community to get help. In short, she did what was necessary to triumph. You can hear the whole story here…

And that is the theme I wanted to get across to you. That things don’t always go smoothly and they seldom go exactly as planned even with the best help and training. But to succeed you’ve got to keep moving. You’ve got to demonstrate that kind of perseverance. And often (very often) when you do other doors and opportunities open up to you.

Case in point, my decision to promote Anne and her audiobook. That would have never happened but for the resilience and strength of character I witnessed in her. So yes, I am proud of Anne and I want everyone reading these words to go an BUY her book now. And even if you’re not Christian or particularly religious, I’ve given you a great reason to do just that: Get Anne’s audiobook and get our new special report worth twice the price for FREE.

Now speaking of strength of character I also wanted to feature Dr. Jasmin Christensen’s crowdfunding project. I am a great believer in the crowdfunding strategy for raising money for your projects. Through crowdfunding Dr. Christensen is trying to raise money to write her book(s) but what makes her different and it is the main reason I am telling you about it is HOW she is running her campaign. Specifically, Dr. Christensen could have run her crowd fund like other people do. That is, post her project, offer rewards and collect money.

Dr. Christensen, a retired U.S. Marine Corp counselor, instead pursued another approach. She decided that in addition to raising money for her own project that she would concurrently support an orphanage in India. I encourage you to hear the whole story here…

This approach spoke to me for two reasons. First, it is my aim to make this world a better place and leave it better than I found it and supporting a crowd fund campaign like this is clearly in alignment with that philosophy. Second, Dr. Christensen is also doing something else with her campaign; she is endeavoring to innovate. She is giving would-be supporters an additional and very powerful reason to support her campaign. In effect, she is offering a “two-fer” and one of the two offers is providing contributors with an instant emotional payoff in the form of giving to children who desperately need help.

I like this innovation.

For these reasons I am giving YOU an added incentive to give to Dr. Christensen’s campaign. Now obviously I would like for you to contribute at least $25 so you can help her, help the kids in India AND get a nifty tote bag for yourself. But anyone who gives at any level — even as little as $1 — will get the newly published special report called… How To Find The Best Blogs For Guest Posts.

Writing guest blog posts are a great way to build a platform and a list when you are just starting out and this special report gives you the particulars of how to do it in step by step detail.

So to get this report FREE here’s what you do. First, contribute to Dr. Christensen’s campaign by clicking here. Second, copy and paste your receipt into a ticket here and we’ll send you back the report.

Further, I want to make it clear that I get nothing when you take action on either/ both of these offers. No affiliate link. No consideration of any kind.

Lastly, I have a question for you. Would you like me to feature you and your project in future ADA sessions?

If so, please let me know in the comments below. Also, not that it is a prerequisite (because it is not) but I will say it is danged good karma to give in the same way and at the same levels that you’d like to get.

One other favor… even if you can’t give at this time could you share this post in your social media pages. And when you do can you drop the link to it in the comments below? Or at a minimum comment below what you thought of this post. I’ll respond personally to everyone who comments.

Thanks for reading… I want you to know that I do believe in you. You can do great things.


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Welcome to My Blog A Book Program

On this blog (and your blog) we are going to write books together.  So while I’m here writing my daily post for 20 straight days (which will become my book) you’ll be doing the same thing on your blog.

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Get On TV – Special Webinar – You Need Be There Live Or You’ll Miss OUT!



>> Register for this webinar by clicking here <<

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Want me to promote your book on TV?

This post is intended for Real Fast Book club
members only. Become a member here.

Exciting news!

Soon I will be starting a series of television
appearances on local affiliate news shows.

I will be promoting authorship and some of the
fast-writing techniques I teach in Real Fast Book.

At the moment I am scheduled to appear in Laredo,
Harligen and Brownsville, Texas and will be booking
more shows in the future.

Here’s the opportunity for you…

I am looking to promote two or three (maybe more)
Real Fast Book club members and their book(s) if
I get a chance during my appearances. This could
mean increased exposure and sales for you and your

Here’s what I am looking for:

* That your book is completed and for sale on Amazon

* That you used a fast writing technique to write
your book (preferably that you used the “record
and transcribe” or dictation method although any
fast writing technique qualifies).

* Whether you are a Texas resident (for these Texas
shows it would be optimal if you lived in Texas and
better yet lived in Laredo or the Rio Grande Valley).
If you are not a Texas resident you still may qualify
because in the coming I intend on traveling to
different parts of the U.S. to do these shows.

* Whether your book has become an Amazon bestseller
either in a category or overall bestseller list.
If you are not a bestseller, why not? Reminder:
There is several thousand dollars of bonus training
in the RFB members area on how to become a bestseller.

* Any story related to how the book either helped you
in your business or job or any other benefit that
came to you as a result of writing and publishing
the book.

* Members in good standing.

Both fiction and non-fiction books qualify. And both
Kindle and physical books qualify.

There is no charge for this promotion should I choose to
feature your book; as you already know I am very focused
on looking out for you as members and providing added
value to your RFB membership.

If you’re interested in having your story/ book featured
please follow these instructions precisely:

In the comments to this post please provide:

1. The full title of your book
2. Your name
3. A link to your Amazon listing
4. Where you reside (City/State/Country)
4. Whether your book was a bestseller on Amazon;
when; what category; if you have one, post a link
to a screen shot indicating your bestseller status
5. What fast writing technique you used, e.g. record
and transcribe, mind mapping etc.
6. In 250 words or less tell me the story of how the
book has benefited you.
7. The first taping is on July 27 so please provide
the above by the July 24.

Couple of other things you should know…

— There’s no guarantee that I will use your
book or any book at all – in other words for
whatever reason I may not feature any book

— I intend to feature as many different books is as
practical and I may or may not use the same books
from broadcast to broadcast

— I intend on using your success story to help promote
the Real Fast Book membership please only enter if
you are cool with that.

Thanks… I appreciate and value you very much… and
thanks especially for being members of Real Fast Book.

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Internet Marketing Help En Espanol

Recently, I have been working with my friend Scott Brown PhD to develop Internet Marketing training in Spanish… I am proud to announce our new training called Haz Dinero Por Internet (see ).

Dr. Brown is a tenured finance professor at the graduate school of the University of Puerto Rico and both he and I saw a huge need in the Hispanic and Latin communities for Spanish language education in Internet Marketing.

Dr. Brown contributed the language (he is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English) and logistics and I contributed the Internet Marketing know-how.

In any event if you know of any native Spanish speakers who wants to build a profitable online business please do them and us a favor by sending them over to

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How to Create Content Real Fast

OK… we all know that the Internet runs on content and that most profitable businesses are run on high-quality content – including any books we write. At we show people how to write a book real fast – this graphic shows how to get your content rolling though it focused on blogger’s it is definitely helpful for any type of content creation.

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Trade Show Speaking: Is it Right For You? Interview with Tim Noonan

I sat down with 15-veteran trade show speaker Timothy Noonan to discuss trade show speaking as a full-time career or as a sideline gig. Tim revealed a bunch about working within the trade show industry and even parlaying your trade show speaking bookings into other revenue generating opportunities.

What I found remarkable is just how low-competition getting a trade show speaking job is primarily because very few people actually know the process for getting hired. Check out this video; I think it will help you determine whether trade show presenting or becoming a trade show presenter is right for you.

If it is something something you want to explore further make sure to click the link below the video which will take you to information about Tim and I’s new training called “Real Fast Trade Show Speaking”

You are invited: Tim and I doing a webinar tonight (3/21/2012) called “Trade Show Speaking: Capitalizing on a Hidden Market” – You can register for that right here.

Click Here to Check Out Real Fast Trade Show Speaking

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Podcasting For Author Platform Building

One of the techniques that I teach in my Real Fast Book program is how to build your author platform by publishing podcasts. Below is a pretty cool infographic which shows the workflow of how to do it. Hope you like it.


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Having Trouble Starting to Write (Or Finishing) Your Book?

The solution is in a phrase you’ve probably heard a gazillion times: “Whatever you think about all day long, that’s who you’ll be and how you’ll spend your time”. I recently chatted with bestselling author and creator of the “Procrasrinator’s Guide to Authorship” Rita Emmett who relayed these ideas about how to actually finish (or start and finish) your book.

Rita says if you want to author a book, get your life so full of input about writing that you cannot not help but think frequently, maybe daily, about writing your book. Try one, several or all of the following ideas.

1. Take a Creative Writing Class. Try local Non-credit college classes or ask your local library to offer one.

2. Type up and post signs around your home or office to get thinking about writing. Here are some examples:

Rita Emmett — Best Selling Author” “I’m so happy my book, The Procrastinator’s Handbook, is on the Best Seller List.” “Ahhhhhhh – – the joy of writing a best selling book.”

3. Print out your book title or book cover (if you have one) and post it above your computer.

4. Subscribe to Writers Digest (a monthly magazine for writers.)

I don’t think anybody ever reads the whole thing, but every month there are articles for writing fiction, nonfiction, screenplays, poetry, children’s’ books, e-books and so forth. Read what you choose; only what applies to you.

5. Buy MP3’s or audio recordings about writing and listen every time you’re in the car. Don’t play anything else till you start working on your book.

6. Buy a poster about writing and hang it on a wall above your computer. I found one of Snoopy typing away on top of his doghouse. It said: “It’s exciting when you’ve written something that you know is good!” They are available at stores for teachers. I called the local school and got a teacher’s catalog and ordered my poster from there.

And if you want a sure-fire way to finish your book, get it published and start collecting fat royalty checks (Rita’s first check was for almost $40k) over the next 7 months you’ve got to get over to
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6 Reasons Why You Should be Using Public Domain to Profit More in Your Writing and Publishing Efforts

By Daniel Hall – 

Let me start with a big bold statement… ready?

Properly using quality public domain content can transform your writing and publishing endeavors and be way more profitable than you can imagine.

In this short article I intend to show you my top six reasons for using public domain content.  Hold on tight, here we go…

Reason #1 – Flexibility

First, let me give you a brief definition of what public domain is.  According to the University of California…

The public domain is generally defined as consisting of works that are either ineligible for copyright protection or with expired copyrights. No permission whatsoever is needed to copy or use public domain works.

The definition gives rise to the first reason you should use public domain content in your writing/ publishing endeavors; namely, flexibility.

That is, if a work is in the public domain then it can be used in any way, by any citizen of the country where it is in the public domain, without asking for permission and without paying royalties (using public domain is FREE).    Effectively you can use the content, sell it, change it, add to it or subtract from it without limitation. The sky is the limit with public domain.

The long and the short of it is if you find a suitable public domain work you can use it in any way you wish.  That is ultimate flexibility.

Reason #2 – Wealth of Content

The library of available public domain content is so vast and rich that you would never run out of it.  Some public domain content is older, some is new.  But there is a surprisingly large body of public domain work available to draw from.

How large?

85 million books and millions more of magazine articles.

Additionally, much of what is in the public domain is well written, quality content.   Further, while some of it is quite old much of it is also evergreen.   For example, how many ways are there to grow tasty tomatoes or develop a good golf swing?

More than this, the breadth of the subject matter available is enormous and useful.  For example, you can find book and articles on subjects ranging from swimming to crotchet.   They key point here is that much of this evergreen content is searched for and purchased today.  This is to say that there is a market willing to pay for the content available in the public domain.  Groovy!

Reason #3 – Derivative Works

The next big reason to use public domain work is you can make derivative works from them.

There is also very good precedent for authors, publishers and media companies using public domain in their works.  Disney is a great example.  In fact, many of the Disney movies and characters we have come to love were derived from public domain works such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs; Sleeping Beauty; Alice in Wonderland; The Little Mermaid; Beauty and the Beast; Pinocchio; Robin Hood; Peter Pan; Winnie the Pooh; The Hunchback of Notre Dame; Tarzan; The Prince and the Pauper; Cinderella; Mulan; The Jungle Book; and Aladdin.

I mention these works specifically because Disney models what I recommend you do with your writing; they took the original and added a new twist or developed the characters in a different light.   That is, Disney created “derivative” works.

What I want you to understand about derivative works is they are eligible for copyright protection.  Whereas Lewis Caroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is in the public domain and not protected by or eligible for copyright; Disney’s Alice in Wonderland is protected by copyright as a derivative work.

That is all well and good you may be saying but public domain works seem out of date and not all that useful.  It is true that some public domain is old but on the other hand much of it is recent.  For example, most everything published by the U.S. Federal Government is in the public domain and they crank out new high-quality content every day.  Also, many magazines published 1964 and earlier are in the public domain.  In addition, there are books and articles that simply are released into the public domain on purpose.

Beyond this, you should not be concerned if a public domain work is “old”.   That is one of the great advantages of public domain… as the writer/ publisher you can and should look for ways to update and revise public domain work.  Make it current.  Make it relevant.

Reason #4 – Easy to Find 

While it is true that the vast majority of available public domain have not been digitized more and more of it is making its way on to the Internet.  For example, Google is busy digitizing public domain books and magazines ( ).  The Hathi Trust ( ) is a collection of educational institutions worldwide that are making their libraries available online.  Many of the titles available through the Hathi Trust are in the public domain; in fact, as of the day of writing there were exactly 2,711,662 public domain volumes.  That’s a bunch of material.

But wait Bob, there’s more… in fact, here are some additional public domain repositories to sink your teeth into:

Project Gutenberg (text) –

Internet Archive (text, music, film) –

Musopen (Music) –

Reason #5 – No Flashing Cursors

Perhaps my favorite reason for using public domain is it can give you a starting place.   That is, one of the biggest hurdles I personally face in starting new writing projects is seeing that flashing cursor in the sea of white that is a blank page.

Public domain content can give you a base on which to work.   This can be exceedingly comforting especially if you are the type that gets anxious when faced with a blank page.   And, if I may be so bold, you are more likely to let your creative juices flow when you are comfortable.  If you are more creative, more relaxed you end up with a better quality finished product in my humble opinion.

Reason #6 – Increased Productivity

Closely tied to Reason #5, public domain content can increase your productivity enormously.  Because you are starting with a completed public domain work your job is to simply add value to what is already there.  That is, put you own twists, update it or relate the information to you own niche.

The point I want you to get is with public domain content some of your work is already done and because of that you can get more product to market, faster without sacrificing quality.

There you have it.  I hope I have persuaded you to start using public domain or at least explore the opportunity further.  If you’d like a great webinar training on how to use public domain content produced by the U.S. Federal Government FREE then register for it right here

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