Having Trouble Starting to Write (Or Finishing) Your Book?

The solution is in a phrase you’ve probably heard a gazillion times: “Whatever you think about all day long, that’s who you’ll be and how you’ll spend your time”. I recently chatted with bestselling author and creator of the “Procrasrinator’s Guide to Authorship” Rita Emmett who relayed these ideas about how to actually finish (or start and finish) your book.

Rita says if you want to author a book, get your life so full of input about writing that you cannot not help but think frequently, maybe daily, about writing your book. Try one, several or all of the following ideas.

1. Take a Creative Writing Class. Try local Non-credit college classes or ask your local library to offer one.

2. Type up and post signs around your home or office to get thinking about writing. Here are some examples:

Rita Emmett — Best Selling Author” “I’m so happy my book, The Procrastinator’s Handbook, is on the Best Seller List.” “Ahhhhhhh – – the joy of writing a best selling book.”

3. Print out your book title or book cover (if you have one) and post it above your computer.

4. Subscribe to Writers Digest (a monthly magazine for writers.)

I don’t think anybody ever reads the whole thing, but every month there are articles for writing fiction, nonfiction, screenplays, poetry, children’s’ books, e-books and so forth. Read what you choose; only what applies to you.

5. Buy MP3’s or audio recordings about writing and listen every time you’re in the car. Don’t play anything else till you start working on your book.

6. Buy a poster about writing and hang it on a wall above your computer. I found one of Snoopy typing away on top of his doghouse. It said: “It’s exciting when you’ve written something that you know is good!” They are available at stores for teachers. I called the local school and got a teacher’s catalog and ordered my poster from there.

And if you want a sure-fire way to finish your book, get it published and start collecting fat royalty checks (Rita’s first check was for almost $40k) over the next 7 months you’ve got to get over tohttp://www.helpwritingbook.com/
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