Get New Special Reports FREE – You Just Have To Help Out Other Community Members

A couple of weeks ago I did my “Ask Daniel Anything” (ADA) coaching. It’s a group coaching that I do from time to time to help you with your most pressing questions (its posted on YouTube here).

During that ADA coaching I featured two members of the community: Anne Buchanan and Dr. Jasmin Christensen.

I did this for a couple of reasons.

First, I want to more consistently help, feature and hold up as examples community members who are actually taking action on what they are learning and are succeeding despite set-backs and obstacles. Second, I want you to understand that I’d like to perhaps feature you in upcoming ADA’s (more on that below). Third, I wanted to give you the opportunity to get two new recently published special reports FREE that I will soon be selling for $27 each. They are…

5 Ways To Turn a $7 Report Into A $197 Order

How To Find The Best Blogs For Guest Posts

Here’s the story…

To get 5 Ways To Turn a $7 Report Into a $197 Order all you have to do is go an get Anne Buchanan’s audiobook called “The Power of God’s Word for Healing” (click here) only $14.97 and copy and paste your receipt into a ticket at the support site (here).

Now you may be wondering why specifically I am supporting Anne’s audiobook like this. Primarily it is because Anne went through a bunch a hassle, frustration and effort to get the audiobook out; she persevered, she kept going when she wanted to give up, she reached out to me and others in the Real Fast Audiobook community to get help. In short, she did what was necessary to triumph. You can hear the whole story here…

And that is the theme I wanted to get across to you. That things don’t always go smoothly and they seldom go exactly as planned even with the best help and training. But to succeed you’ve got to keep moving. You’ve got to demonstrate that kind of perseverance. And often (very often) when you do other doors and opportunities open up to you.

Case in point, my decision to promote Anne and her audiobook. That would have never happened but for the resilience and strength of character I witnessed in her. So yes, I am proud of Anne and I want everyone reading these words to go an BUY her book now. And even if you’re not Christian or particularly religious, I’ve given you a great reason to do just that: Get Anne’s audiobook and get our new special report worth twice the price for FREE.

Now speaking of strength of character I also wanted to feature Dr. Jasmin Christensen’s crowdfunding project. I am a great believer in the crowdfunding strategy for raising money for your projects. Through crowdfunding Dr. Christensen is trying to raise money to write her book(s) but what makes her different and it is the main reason I am telling you about it is HOW she is running her campaign. Specifically, Dr. Christensen could have run her crowd fund like other people do. That is, post her project, offer rewards and collect money.

Dr. Christensen, a retired U.S. Marine Corp counselor, instead pursued another approach. She decided that in addition to raising money for her own project that she would concurrently support an orphanage in India. I encourage you to hear the whole story here…

This approach spoke to me for two reasons. First, it is my aim to make this world a better place and leave it better than I found it and supporting a crowd fund campaign like this is clearly in alignment with that philosophy. Second, Dr. Christensen is also doing something else with her campaign; she is endeavoring to innovate. She is giving would-be supporters an additional and very powerful reason to support her campaign. In effect, she is offering a “two-fer” and one of the two offers is providing contributors with an instant emotional payoff in the form of giving to children who desperately need help.

I like this innovation.

For these reasons I am giving YOU an added incentive to give to Dr. Christensen’s campaign. Now obviously I would like for you to contribute at least $25 so you can help her, help the kids in India AND get a nifty tote bag for yourself. But anyone who gives at any level — even as little as $1 — will get the newly published special report called… How To Find The Best Blogs For Guest Posts.

Writing guest blog posts are a great way to build a platform and a list when you are just starting out and this special report gives you the particulars of how to do it in step by step detail.

So to get this report FREE here’s what you do. First, contribute to Dr. Christensen’s campaign by clicking here. Second, copy and paste your receipt into a ticket here and we’ll send you back the report.

Further, I want to make it clear that I get nothing when you take action on either/ both of these offers. No affiliate link. No consideration of any kind.

Lastly, I have a question for you. Would you like me to feature you and your project in future ADA sessions?

If so, please let me know in the comments below. Also, not that it is a prerequisite (because it is not) but I will say it is danged good karma to give in the same way and at the same levels that you’d like to get.

One other favor… even if you can’t give at this time could you share this post in your social media pages. And when you do can you drop the link to it in the comments below? Or at a minimum comment below what you thought of this post. I’ll respond personally to everyone who comments.

Thanks for reading… I want you to know that I do believe in you. You can do great things.


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2 comments on “Get New Special Reports FREE – You Just Have To Help Out Other Community Members
  1. Ali BIerman says:

    I see you implemented the boosting your followers programs as we discussed at the beginning of my THRIVE Project. I definitely would like your help in reaching as many people as possible who are already looking for what I share. Since my project remains a secret until launch I did not want to giveaway any details publicly so I sent a Facebook message.


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  2. Daniel, I love this post and donated to the India cause. I wish I could have done more, but not able to esp if I also buy Anne’s audio on the first section. Is that something that will play on the computer as I don’t have any devices. People have been so kind to, and supportive of me over the years and though not in my budget – I want to support others when I can.
    I think what you’re doing is wonderful as we all need someone like you – particularly if we have been struggling. You have already helped me in many ways and someday I hope I can be one of your featured folks!
    (I shared this on FB, but not sure what link you want….sorry.)

    Heidi S.


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