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We Have a Winner – Speakers Cruise Free Contest

As you may recall a several weeks ago I decided to hold a contest where the winner would get a free pass to my critically acclaimed cruise speaker training “Speak on Cruise Ships” and have a cruise proposal prepared and

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[webinar] Sell Your Books in Stores

Here’s a fact… Tons of books are still sold (through) retail outlets and (to) the 140,000 plus libraries. The message: You should be selling your books both online AND off. And there are lots of places in addition to traditional

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Happy New Year, A Gift, An Offer & Tom Antion

Happy New Year! I am looking forward a great and prosperous new year. I am also looking forward to helping you make more, experience more and plain live more. As many of you know one of the things I help

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Speak on Cruise Ships – New, Improved & Only For a Limited Time

Tomorrow is the big day. At noon Central time you’ll be able to get the newlyupdated, completely expanded Be the first to like. Like Unlike

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Speak on Cruise Ships Retiring

That’s right… For more than five years now my critically acclaimed program 1 person likes this post. Like Unlike

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Your Most Precious Possession

Time! That’s what you need. That’s what will help you enjoy life AND make more money! OK so how do you get more time? By putting systems in place and using resources that save you time AUTOMATICALLY. For example, one

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Travel and Make Money Taking Stock Photos

I’m loving Scandinavia right now! Sightseeing, museums, time with my family and taking lots of photos. Here’s what’s cool… while I cruise the world doing my Speakers Cruise Free thing I’m also taking photos of my travels and some of

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How To Become An Expert By Authoring A Book or Showing-Off That You Already Are One

Hey everyone – Since I am out cruising the Baltic now I thought I’d post this video from my last time out in April. This is a part of a talk called “Go Home A Published Author” It’s based on

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High Fiving Sir Elton John and Connecting With Your Audience

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of attending the Elton John show here in Corpus Christi. It was a blast! In fact, we had stage-side second row floor seats in something called the Continental row (tickets thanks to my

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Cruise Speakers Getting Good Reviews…So They Get Invited Back (Live From The Backstage Door)

I was in Houston yesterday hanging out with my friend, speaking mentor and Speakers Cruise Free Coaching Club member, Jonathan Sprinkles. We spent the day at the “Get Motivated” seminar. One of my friends and subscribers Eddie Smith is the

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