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Hemingway Makes Sense

Hemingway’s writing was clean and clear and easy to read. This quote sheds light as to why that is so. Realism is the best way to infuse your writing with a sense of authenticity. Writing a letter to a friend

Curious Editing Advice From Mark Twain

Damn, that’s good… One of the things that makes writing faster is a realization that the piece WILL be edited. In other words, don’t attempt to write and edit at the same time. It will slow you down and the

Prolific Like William Faulkner

William Faulker is one the most beloved American and Southern writers to have lived. He was also quite prolific in his work. This famous quote hints as to why. Faulker said… “I only write when I am inspired. Fortunately I

Elmore Leonards 10 Rules of Writing

Back in 2000 the New York Times got Elmore Leonard to provide his rules of writing.  Many of them work well with the fast writing tips in Real Fast Writing. The rules are: 1. Never open a book with weather.

3 Top Tips To Write Much Faster

As a writer I know that the more productive I am the more money I make.   As someone who is chronically ADD and dyslexic being a productive writer is a constant challenge.   Therefor I wanted to provide my 3 top

New Free Images & Great New Public Domain Trend

Two important developments… First,apparently Microsoft has ripped out the gallery of images it used to provide to license holders for PowerPoint and other programs. That means you can’t automatically just use some image that comes up when you search for

Thrive Don’t Just Survive

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Get New Special Reports FREE – You Just Have To Help Out Other Community Members

A couple of weeks ago I did my “Ask Daniel Anything” (ADA) coaching. It’s a group coaching that I do from time to time to help you with your most pressing questions (its posted on YouTube here). During that ADA

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Internet Marketing Help En Espanol

Recently, I have been working with my friend Scott Brown PhD to develop Internet Marketing training in Spanish… I am proud to announce our new training called Haz Dinero Por Internet (see ). Dr. Brown is a tenured finance