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How to Use Periscope: A TV Station in Your Pocket

How to use Periscope. This video shows you how to follow someone on Periscope.

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The Power of Collaboration and My Bonuses

Me and my good friend Tony Laidig spill the beans on the power of our profitable collaborations, how you can get resale rights to Tony’s next product for only $7 which includes a hot new bonus I’ve created for you

[Personal Invitation] Will You Be A Podcast Launch Team Member?

[Re: A Personal Invitation] I’ve made an important decision. After much consideration, I have decided to launch a podcast.  I believe it and an accompanying blog will serve you better. But I need your help. I am inviting you to

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Tips On Writing Email Subject Lines That Will Get Your Emails Opened

The most important part of an email is the first thing the reader sees–the subject line. Email subject lines need to attract attention just like newspaper headlines do.

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Get New Special Reports FREE – You Just Have To Help Out Other Community Members

A couple of weeks ago I did my “Ask Daniel Anything” (ADA) coaching. It’s a group coaching that I do from time to time to help you with your most pressing questions (its posted on YouTube here). During that ADA

Want me to promote your book on TV?

This post is intended for Real Fast Book club members only. Become a member here. Exciting news! Soon I will be starting a series of television appearances on local affiliate news shows. I will be promoting authorship and some of

Trade Show Speaking: Is it Right For You? Interview with Tim Noonan

I sat down with 15-veteran trade show speaker Timothy Noonan to discuss trade show speaking as a full-time career or as a sideline gig. Tim revealed a bunch about working within the trade show industry and even parlaying your trade

Having Trouble Starting to Write (Or Finishing) Your Book?

The solution is in a phrase you’ve probably heard a gazillion times: “Whatever you think about all day long, that’s who you’ll be and how you’ll spend your time”. I recently chatted with bestselling author and creator of the “Procrasrinator’s

Sales Process Diagram According to Daniel Hall

Here’s a short primer on how to use the sales process to sell more of your goods a services. Enjoy… I let me know how you like the format. 9 people like this post. Like Unlike

Online Book Publishing: How To Self Publish

It is easier than ever before to accomplish online book publishing. This article is intended to describe how to self publish using online book publishing tools exclusively. Let me start with a story. When I was a young man of

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