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Thrive Don’t Just Survive

Get 3 Hours of Free Coaching With Me – Watch The Video Interview With Ali Bierman To Find Out How Here’s What You Do Step 1. Go to Ali’s crowdfund here – Step 2. Choose your level of support.

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Get New Special Reports FREE – You Just Have To Help Out Other Community Members

A couple of weeks ago I did my “Ask Daniel Anything” (ADA) coaching. It’s a group coaching that I do from time to time to help you with your most pressing questions (its posted on YouTube here). During that ADA

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Welcome to My Blog A Book Program

On this blog (and your blog) we are going to write books together. ┬áSo while I’m here writing my daily post for 20 straight days (which will become my book) you’ll be doing the same thing on your blog. Be

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Get On TV – Special Webinar – You Need Be There Live Or You’ll Miss OUT!

    >> Register for this webinar by clicking here << Be the first to like. Like Unlike

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Want me to promote your book on TV?

This post is intended for Real Fast Book club members only. Become a member here. Exciting news! Soon I will be starting a series of television appearances on local affiliate news shows. I will be promoting authorship and some of

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Internet Marketing Help En Espanol

Recently, I have been working with my friend Scott Brown PhD to develop Internet Marketing training in Spanish… I am proud to announce our new training called Haz Dinero Por Internet (see ). Dr. Brown is a tenured finance

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How to Create Content Real Fast

OK… we all know that the Internet runs on content and that most profitable businesses are run on high-quality content – including any books we write. At we show people how to write a book real fast – this

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Trade Show Speaking: Is it Right For You? Interview with Tim Noonan

I sat down with 15-veteran trade show speaker Timothy Noonan to discuss trade show speaking as a full-time career or as a sideline gig. Tim revealed a bunch about working within the trade show industry and even parlaying your trade

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Podcasting For Author Platform Building

One of the techniques that I teach in my Real Fast Book program is how to build your author platform by publishing podcasts. Below is a pretty cool infographic which shows the workflow of how to do it. Hope you

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Having Trouble Starting to Write (Or Finishing) Your Book?

The solution is in a phrase you’ve probably heard a gazillion times: “Whatever you think about all day long, that’s who you’ll be and how you’ll spend your time”. I recently chatted with bestselling author and creator of the “Procrasrinator’s

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